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I love What I Do!

Now that school is off and running, here where I live, the students are half way through the first semester, I am so happy working with Spanish students one on one! I feel their joy when they understand a concept and are able to go "one extra step". I am so happy to be working with them! I realize that I didn't lose my desire to teach, it was the other things that got in the way of my joy.

My interest and fascination with Spanish began on a family trip to Mexico when I was in elementary school. We took our travel trailer, teacup poodle and ventured into Mexico for a month. We went with my great-aunts and great-uncles. No one in our group spoke Spanish, but we made it work! It was an adventure that helped launch me on a lifetime of visiting other places. Travel is the best way to pique interest in other people, other cultures and other languages!

I thank my parents for giving the gift of that vacation.

The ability to speak and understand another language opens doors far beyond employment opportunities. It opens the door to being curious, having empathy and being a globally connected citizen. It is a key to understanding each other.

No matter how you get there or what you do once you are there, just get out there!

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