Back to School: August 2021

As schools around the nation, including universities, return to class, I am reminded of how I have always timed my life. I have always seen the year as a cycle from summer to summer. I would know what year it was, how old I was or what event happened that year based on the summer. I guess I should have always known that I would be a teacher.

This year I begin a new cycle, one where I am no longer in the classroom. The stores, the advertisements, the sales, however, remind me that this cycle the beginning of school and a new year are still in full swing.

I believe that this year will have challenges that we have not faced in the past. There are issues that have carried over from last year: academic, social and emotional. I see that schools have instituted wellness centers and warm lines. It is something that we never imagined when I was in my education courses in the 1980's. Of course, there are many other things that we never imagined as well.

Into this new experience, I want to help students achieve and feel confident. I want to help them feel the joy in understanding a new concept, when the "light bulb" goes off. If you think I may be able to help you, or your student, please contact me and/or schedule a session.

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